Lost at sea

Oil on canvas 100 x 100 cm

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On 14 April 1947, the Norwegian cargo ship SS ‘Belpamela’ sank in a storm in the North Atlantic. Her cargo was 17 steam locomotives of class 141R, manufactured in the USA for the French railways to replace locomotives destroyed in the Second World War. Here, 141R1234, or her ghost, is ‘lost at sea’, condemned to drift on a turntable without exit, while the ‘Belpamela’, or her ghost, steams by on the horizon.

I belong to Dan Jacobsen’s group of ‘Maxiréalistes’, and this large painting was done to be shown in their space at the annual ‘Art en Capital’ salon in Paris in November 2009. ‘Art en Capital’, which comprises five individual salons, is the largest art event in France, and takes place in the spectacular Grand Palais in the Champs Elysées.