What’s next?

Of course, I am always thinking about what I can paint next although, as I have said elsewhere, as 85% of my paintings are now produced to order, the choice is not entirely up to me!

I did say that a 240P would be nice – then, last year, I was commisioned to paint one. The result will shortly be in the Gallery section of this site. It would be nice to paint some older French engines such as the PLM 4-8-0′s or a Nord Crampton. There are so many lovely old French engines, many of which are seldom portrayed or modelled. But clients generally want what they can remember, which biases me towards more modern locomotives.

Then there are British locomotives. I remember the Fowler 2-6-4 tank locomotives, speedy and quite elegant – under the filth! And, certainly, I must paint another A3 before too long.

From the USA, I think a Southern Pacific ‘Daylight’ on the California coast would make a wonderful picture.

Certainly, there is no shortage of possibilities! However, if you don’t see your favourite locomotive or scene within the Gallery, then perhaps the answer is to order a painting that corresponds exactly to your preferences. The process is quite simple and, although there is a waiting list and consequent delay, you can specify most things in the picture. My motto is “Tout est possible” (Everything is possible).